MiniFlexMic Model 7

Price: $485.00

Detailed Description
The Model 7 is an end-pin mounted 2mic that is designed for studio applications, or for professionals using a high quality PA system having good EQ controls.

The Model 7 - "is simply the best overall sounding internal mic system available".

The Model 7 also has the feedback resistance found with any of our 2Mic designs.

The Model 7 is phantom powered, with a fully balanced 3 conductor output, and a full frequency response of 50-16K Hz. The Model 7 is also the most quiet of any of our 2Mic models.

The Model 7 is not pre-EQ'd to roll off the mid lows or low frequencies.

The Model 7 includes the special TRS-XLR output cable for connecting directly to a PA system.

Frequency response: 50-16KHz. Output impedance - 600 ohms.


Note: For some very helpful information regarding mic placement, please see the support document titled, Mic Installation and Placement". Also, please see the document entitled: Troubleshooting Output Issues - which is particularly applicable to the Model 7.

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