MiniFlexMic Model 4

Regular Price: $345.00
Please note: This special price includes both the EPS-1 and EPS-2 Power Supplies!

Detailed Description
The Model 4 is specifically designed to be wired with a separate pickup, so that both the 2Mic and pickup signals (separate) can exit the guitar via the single Model 4 output jack. But, the Model 4 can function OK as a "microphone only" system. Adding a pickup is optional... not required. The Model 4 does not have any electronics or battery located inside the 2Mic assembly (as does the Model 1). The electronics and battery for the Model 4 are located outside the guitar in either the EPS-1 or EPS-2 power supplies (described further below).

Output Jack Wiring
The Model 4 comes with the 2Mic wired to the tip terminal of the output jack. There are two accessible stripped and tinned wires for connecting to the pickup. One wire is a co-axial cable that will be soldered to the co-axial output of the pickup (center to center and shield to shield). There is also a single strand wire soldered to the switch leg of the output jack that can be wired to the battery output of the pickup (if the pickup uses a battery) so that the battery will turn "on" when a plug is inserted into the output jack.

Tip/Ring Wiring Reversal
The standard wiring for the Model 4 can be easily reversed at the time of installation so that the pickup is on the tip terminal of the output jack, and the 2Mic is on the ring terminal. Instructions for reversing the output jack wiring are included with the manual for the Model 4.

A stereo output cable is needed to transmit the signals of both the pickup and Model 4 to an amp, PA, or other device. (Using a standard mono guitar cable will only transmit the tip signal of the output jack). MiniFlex offers a stereo Y cable with a TRS male plug on the end connecting to the guitar, that splits (y's) to two separate mono plugs.... one plug for the pickup and one plug for the Model 4 2Mic. Please note - Some equipment may be able to accept a TRS-TRS cable input, and process the pickup and 2Mic signals separately.

Power Supplies - There are two power supplies available for the Model 4:
• EPS-1: This power supply is the standard power supply provided with the Model 4. It is battery operated (single AA battery), and produces an unbalanced mono line level signal of 3.5K ohms. It has mono 1/4" inputs and outputs, and uses a standard mono guitar cable for the output. An optional silver 1/4"-XLR adapter is included with the EPS-1 that will convert the mono 1/4" phone output connector to an XLR connector,which is best connecting with some PA systems. (This adapter does not modify the output signal, only converts to an XLR male connector.)
• EPS-2: This is an optional power supply for the Model 4, and converts the mono output signal from the 2Mic into a fully balanced low impedance signal for sending directly to a PA mixer. The EPS-2 operates only via phantom power (12-48v). It produces an output signal of 500 ohms, which is "normal" for standard low impedance microphones. The EPS-2 has a 1/4"mono input, and an XLR output. A standard XLR microphone cable connects the output of the EPS-2 to a PA system. The EPS-2 is an excellent power supply choice if phantom power is always available.

Both the EPS-1 and EPS-2 can be located either on the floor, or attached to an optional belt clip.

Some external "Blending devices" (Headway EDB-2, Grace Felix, etc) are designed with two separate channels to independently process the pickup and 2Mics signals.... and send biased (low voltage) phantom power up the cable to service the Model 4 2Mic. Such devices eliminate the need for using our EPS-1 or EPS-2 power supplies. Such devices can usually function with a standard TRS-TRS cable (1/4" stereo phone plug connectors on each end.)


Note: For some very helpful information regarding mic placement, please see the support document titled, "Mic Installation and Placement" . Also, please see the document entitled: Troubleshooting Output Issues - which is particularly applicable to the Model 4.

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