MiniFlexMic Model 16b

Reg. Price: $485.00

Detailed Description

The Model 16b - studio series for banjo, is a quick mount 2Mic that "has it all".

For the Model 16b, we use our studio series mics with the widest & flattest frequency response, and include the option to create a mono line level signal, or a balanced XLR mic level signal.

All of the necessary cords, cables, and adapters are included with the Model 16b - except standard mono guitar & XLR cables, which are available everywhere. Mounting the Model 16b on any banjo takes 20-30 seconds, and no tools are required. Plus, the footprint of the Model 16b on the banjo is so small, it can probably be left mounted on to the banjo indefinitely, even when the banjo is frequently taken in and out of a standard hard shell case. When it is necessary to remove the Model 16b, the whole 2Mic assembly will fit in the gear compartment of most banjo cases. And like all of our quick mount 2Mic models, it is easy to remove the Model 16b from one banjo, and quickly re-install it on another banjo. One Model 16b will work fine to amplify all of your banjos.

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