MiniFlex2Mic Model 12

Price: $295.00

Detailed Description
Tail-block mounted the Model 12 gives you the same great performance as the Model 1, only is specifically designed for the Ukulele. The Model 12 is designed for Soprano, Concert, and Tenor Ukulele. The Model 12a is designed for Baritone Ukulele. Model 12 is powered by a single AAA battery located inside the service module. The jack on the service module acts as a switch to turn the battery on when a plug is inserted into the jack. You will need a standard mono instrument cable, (not included) to run from the mic to the service module.

A 1/4" - XLR adapter, (included) permits plugging the 2Mic into low impedance XLR inputs, which may improve performance through some amplifiers and P.A. systems, and especially when a snake is used. Both the Model 12 & the Model 12a have the same great quality performance you have come to expect from our 2Mic systems.

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