MiniFlexMic Model 1

Price: $245.00

Detailed Description
Authentic acoustic sound for the stage is here. The MiniFlex Model 1 is the product of 30 years of research and development from Ken Donnell, one of the pioneers in acoustic instrument reproduction.

"The 2Mic design attempts, as much as possible within the confines of a guitar body, to record a three-dimensional sound..." Ken says. "The first two dimensions are created by each individual mic, both mechanically and electronically, and the third dimension is created by how the 2Mic design processes these two signals."

Model 1 has two microphones mounted on separate goosenecks that are connected to a single endpin, output jack. Once mounted into the tail-block, the microphones will be suspended inside the guitar. One mic should be positioned near the soundhole, and the other mic approximately underneath the bridge. A white dot on the windscreen (and a bump beneath the windscreen) indicates the active direction of each mic. Guitarists can experiment with different mic placement locations to find the best sound quality.

The Model 1 is powered by two AA batteries that should be changed every 2 years. A significant drop in output volume will indicate that the batteries are low and need to be changed. A high quality PA system will provide the best possible sound quality and feedback control. For most PA systems, use the "line input" with a standard 1/4" mono guitar cable. Or use the 1/4" - XLR adapter into the mic input or snake.

Note: For some very helpful information regarding mic placement, please see the support document titled, "Mic Installation and Placement" .

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