Price: $115.00

Detailed Description
The EPS-2 is a lipstick tube style phantom power only supply that can be used with any of the non-powered studio series 2Mics, or with either the Model 3 or Model 4. It receives 48v phantom power from a P.A. mixer and powers the 2Mic with a 9v output. The EPS-2 produces a fully balanced low impedance output of 500 ohms and should be connected to a P.A. or studio mixer.
Input-Output: The output cable for the EPS-2 uses a standard XLR mic cable. The input of the EPS-2 is a mini-XLR. When the EPS-2 is purchased as an accessory, the cost of $115.00 includes an adapter cable that converts the mini-XLR into a 1/4" mono jack so that standard mono guitar cables can be used for the input.

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