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Stefan Kroboth

The following You Tube clip is from a concert that I performed in Vienna last week, with the organizers providing a live video of my performance.

The performance was recorded using a Zoom H4 with no EQ or effects being added. What was interesting is the "big sound" that is obtainable using the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 5 as well as a Fishman piezo pickup - with the main sound coming from the MiniFlex 2Mic. In particular, listen to the little percussion part in the middle of the video - at 2:26.

I just used the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 10b today. It was great! It outperforms any other Microphone that I have ever used. My banjo sounds clear and natural like it is supposed to! That is the best mic I have ever used! By the way I got several compliments on the tone and people had never seen your microphone before I am very proud to be the owner of one.

Ben Perea

Hi Ken,
I just wanted to send a quick note that your custom MiniFlex 2MIc Model 1 with bass rolloff is amazing! I have now used it for many gigs, everything from stage work to battery powered beach wedding, and it has been 100% reliable. It is a true pleasure to know that my tone will be consistent using different systems.

Very little EQ is needed, and when I perform with a more percussive attack, the thump is like a big John Bohnam kick drum! Fantastic.

Thanks so much for sending me the custom model and I look forward to many stress free, great sounding shows!


Vincent Zorn
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Jason McGuire's Review of the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1

"Ken Donnell's MiniFlex 2mic Model 1 - is blowing my mind today. Outrageous stage levels without feedback. I EQ matched it to my DPA4099 and it sounds nearly identical and allows me easily double the volume and increased isolation.

You do need a system with fully parametric EQ and the ability to notch out problem frequencies to get the most out of it. Inverting phase on the channel took care of most feedback issues.

With my QSC Touchmix 8 - it is a breeze to dial in. This can beat ANY piezo system."

For more information on Jason McGuire, see here...

Andreas Ober
Andreas recorded a new personal acoustic guitar composition entitled, "Already Home". On this recording he used a custom Hanika classical guitar with Thomastik-Infeld KR 116 strings. For the mics he used a MiniFlex Mode 1 - 2mic and two Rode Nt5 condenser mics - recorded into a Zoom H6. Recording software was FL Studio.

In the recording, the two rode mics are positioned one on the right and one on the left. The MiniFlex 2Mic had two tracks almost in the middle with one track positioned slightly left and one track positioned slightly right. So 50% of the recording is the rode mics and 50% of the recording is the MiniFlex 2Mic. Effects used were a parametric eq and the Valhalla Reverb plugin.

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A brief note on the recording from the developer Ken Donnell:

While the 2Mic is a great "stand alone system" for amplifying acoustic guitars, the 2Mic can also be a great addition to any existing amplification gear set up...even another microphone.

Every amplification device has its own unique sound signature and specific applications. The signature feature of the 2Mic is its natural sound quality combined with incredible feedback resistance.

Adding a 2Mic will help to make any other microphone, or pickup, sound even better!

Doug Young - Contributing Editor with Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Mini Flex 2 Mic Model 1 Review from Doug Young and Acoustic Guitar magazine

You can also read the entire review by clicking here.

Martin Tallstrom's YouTube Test
To see Martin's test, please click here. It is worth noting how Martin has recorded this demo with and without effects.

Yeman Al-Rawi's Live Set
The following are three tunes by Yeman recorded using the MiniFlex mics. The first video is a recording of Tommy Emmanuel's "The Duke":

This second video is a tune by Yeman entitled, "Permanent Damage":

The third video is another tune by Yeman, entitled, "Murphy's Law":

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