Artists & Endorsements Page

The following is some information that we thought might be helpful in providing you with an overall idea of just what you can expect from the various MiniFlex products that we offer.

The following pages contain information from those that are currently using our products as well as those that have tested and/or reviewed our products.

We sincerely hope that you will find this information of assistacne to you in choosing the right MiniFlex 2Mic product for your personal use!

The Artists
This page contains information - as well as testimonials from those that are currently using our MiniFlex 2Mic's.

To read more about these artists:

The Endorsements
Acoustic Guitar Magazine did a review of and our MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1 which you can view on this page. Also, Martin Tallstrom has provided a rather remarkable demo of our MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1 mic.

To read and to discover more about these endorsements: