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"The New Re-Designed Model 3!"

The new re-designed Model 3 represents Ken Donnell's 25 year quest to create the perfect quick mount microphone system for both nylon and steel string guitars. The new Model 3 is easy to install, easy to use, and can produce either a line level, or a mic level signal.

The new Model 3 will work with almost any type of amplification gear currently available, from small amplifiers to recording studios & concert hall P.A. systems, and is compatible with most guitar effects devices. There are no modifications to any guitar required for installation.

Here is a list of changes that we have made to the new re-designed Model 3:
1. The Model 3 now uses our "studio series" of mic elements (currently used with the Model 7 end pin mount). These elements are the most quiet we have available, and have a full range frequency response of 50 - 16K hz
2. The Model 3 now includes 2 separate power supplies:
• The EPS-2 creates a balanced mic level signal (500 ohms) using 9-48v phantom power
• The EPS-1 creates a 2 conductor line level signal (4.5K ohms) using 12v battery power. This power supply is pre-EQ'd to help control low to mid range bass frequencies.
3. Improvements for the mounting & cables so that the new Model 3 installs more easily, is more durable, and uses most standard cables.

Between now & Feb 28, 2015, we will sell the new Model 3 at the old price of $325.00.
After February 28, 2015 - the new price for the Model 3 will become $485.00.

"Whatever your amplification needs...at MiniFlex - we make you sound authentic!"