The MiniFlex Model 2 is a quick mount 2Mic model that will install in one minute on to any guitar that has strap buttons at the heel and tail block. The MiniFlex Model 2 mic is powered by a single AAA battery, and includes a slide volume control on the mic assembly. Both mics are mounted on to a single gooseneck that slides easily into the sound hole of the guitar. Frequency response for MiniFlex Model 2 is 80-15K Hz, with a mid range impedance of 3500 ohms. The Model-2 is pre-equalized to remove most of the mid to low frequency boom that occurs when amplifying acoustic guitars. Please check out our Artists & Endorsements page for demos of this great mic setup. For further information on the MiniFlex Model 2, please see here.

Sleeker, Lighter, Easier to use, & Install. We have eliminated the need for a 9v battery by rewiring the Model-4 to be powered by an external EPS-1 power box. The Model 4's new sleeker design adds only 1/2 as much weight to your instrument than before. Please review the instructions page for more information. If you have any questions please contact us.

The MiniFlex Model 1 is the product of 30 years of research and development from Ken Donnell, one of the pioneers in acoustic instrument sound reproduction.

Whether you are looking for stage performance amplification or a studio recording system the MiniFlexMic can be the tool you need. Our leading microphones, the Model 1, (which is also our top seller), the Model 2, and the Model 3 are an excellent choice for musicians playing solo or with a group.

All of our tail-block mounted models can be used in addition to an existing pick up system by adding a second installation hole in the tail-block.

MiniFlexMic development began in 1987 and has grown into the company you see today selling products nationally & worldwide. We are a favorite of gifted artisans from Costa Rica to Canada, from Australia to the United Kingdom. We welcome many talented musicians to our family of endorsing artists and appreciate their continued support and promotion of the MiniFlexMic line of products. MiniFlexMic is the only system available designed to reduce feedback by as much as 40% above other guitar microphones.

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