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My...how the time flies!

It has been nine years since we first introducred the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1! During that initial introduction, we offered free shipping...and on this occasion, we decided to do the same!

For a limited time, anyone purchasing a Model during this 9th anniversary celebration will receive free shipping anywhere in the world.**

Please contact us if you have any questions about this special 9th anniversary offer. We welcome your questions and love helping customers finally get the great acoustic sound reproduction of the MiniFlex.

From more information on the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1, please see here.

**Does not include any import duties or tax fees for foreign customers.

Endorsee Update...Berto Boyd

"Throughout my career of over 20 years as a Flamenco and Classical guitarist, I have always put great emphasis on the quality of the gear that I use. I have watched as many of my colleagues would play - in my opinion, inferior products for the sake of gaining an endorsement with a big company or thinking that playing a factory-made guitar with a piezo pickup worked for a gig because it did not matter how it sounded. This has always bothered me and has been the opposite of my mindset.

No matter what kind of gig I was playing, l would always show up with a high-end guitar - for example, a Conde Hermanos, Lester Devoe etc, and many times I would struggle to fight feedback from my trusty PG81 Shure condenser mic in an effort to sound great. In a million years, I would never give in to drilling my guitar and put in a piezo pickup of any kind until I discovered the magical MiniFlex system.

MiniFlex has literally changed my life. I no longer have to stress out about feedback issues or not having enough volume to cut through any performance situation - from large outdoor festivals, theaters, small art galleries, or even busking at Farmers Markets. And perhaps most importantly, I’ve been able to maintain the quality I have always demanded of my gear. MiniFlex is the perfect fit for the uncompromising guitarist!"

For more information on Berto Boyd, please see our Artists & Endorsements Page.

"Whatever your amplification needs...at MiniFlex - we make you sound authentic!"